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Aquador 27 HT

brand new 2017 model  now in stock Dublin 

Aquador 27 HT now stock Dublin 

The European best seller Aquador 26 HT has been redesigned and is now labeled the Aquador 27 HT. The
interior is finished in light waxed teak and the former blue fabric trim has been replaced by elegant light beige upholstery
when combined with the bright teak contributes to the "chic" Scandinavian look. Aquador 27 HT has a flush foredeck in
place of the well and hatch that were on the previous model . This contributes to a more spacious volume in the forward
sleeping cabin. One thing that hasn't changed is the performance and see keeping of this boat which continues to be one
of the most stable and best performing vessel in its class.


For more information on the Aquador 27 HT, including a price list, please click here